+++ BREAKING NEWS: Production start KR E-5000 in September!!! +++ BREAKING NEWS: Production start KR E-5000 in September!!!


Yes, he is back! He has all the genes of his world-famous ancestors:
Better than his legendary original. The new KR-201 "Sport" and KR E-5000 ... guarantees pure driving pleasure!
An unprecedented aerodynamic design reminiscent of an airplane ... How should it be otherwise ...?!
This historically charged future-oriented vehicle offers mobility without compromising on driving pleasure.
Follow up the development and construction progress of the new KR 201 SPORT, here!

Know what makes us different...

The finished car is classified as a new vehicle and complies with the building and use regulations of the StVZO. It is built in Spain and delivered with a COC or German papers. Approval in DE can then easily be obtained with these documents. It is not classified as a KitCar or a modified vehicle, it is a brand new vehicle! The KR 201 Sport hardly differs from the original, but has modifications that match the times, e.g. more modern lights, front spoiler etc. All the fun costs only a fraction of the price of what an original costs today. Please note that the original KR 200 sports version was never equipped with a roof. However, we can offer an easily replaceable cockpit entrance with a removable hardtop (dome roof)! With this, the closed, weatherproof limousine (L) can be transformed into a smart convertible (C) in a few simple steps!

MESSERSCHMITT-Kabinenroller connects pilots with driving, brings them the feeling of flying!
  • A already in the 50s thousand times proven design
  • Easy to use
  • Low operating costs
  • Stable, low center gravity
  • Full suspension and adjustable chassis
  • Versatile, since 2-seater! Equally suited for the private or for commercial use
  • Environmentally friendly 4-stroke drive with EURO 4 EFI injection system or electric drive with a top speed of up to 120km/h * approved!
  • Very large storage behind the driver's seat , the side shelves and in the glove compartment allow even longer drive distances
  • "Full" 6 months factory warranty, of course extendable with additional warranty insurance!
  • Convenient service: If you have problems: Response within 24 hours
Rahmen/Chassis: Extremely torsion-resistant hybrid steel aluminum honeycomb chassis. All steel parts hot-dip galvanized!

Motor: 1 Zyl. 125ccm 4T EURO 4 EFI-fuel injection motor.

Gearbox: CVT Automatic

Tank: 6 Liter.
Range max: ca. 160km* - 100 mph*.

Pilotseat: Vinyl with integrated 3-point automatic belt. Seat position adjustable for pilots from 150cm to 195cm.

Rearbench: 1-part upholstered with lap belt.

Suspension: 4 adjustable oil pressure / spring damper.

Tires: 120/70-12 rear, 100/80-10 front.

Rims: Aloy, S.I.P. High Performance.

Steering: Like original with steering wheel lock.

Body: GRP. Entry / lockable door, Perspex windshield. Optionally at an additional cost: Cockpit entry with hardtop (L&C)

Mirros: Left and right in vehicle color with chrome border.

Brakes: Hydraulic discs on all wheels, front 180mm, rear 200mm.

Parking brake: Handbrake mechanic on rear disc.

Frontlight: Dipped beam and high beam function with LED drive light.

Rearlight: LED Indicators, drive and brake function.

Dimensions: L285cm X B122cm X H90cm

Turningcircle: 8,9m

Topspeed: 120km/h* - 68mph*

Weight: Ca. 220kg (empty).

Max. Zuladung: 200kg 2 adults and 1 child / Baggage.

(* The maximum speed and range depends on the weight and the road conditions.)
KR 201 "Sport"
€ 10.950,00*
Cockpit entry with hardtop (Dome roof)
€ 2.500,00*
* All prices shown without VAT, ex Málaga / SPAIN.

Our new MESSERSCHMITT KR 201 "Sport"!

MESSERSCHMITT-Kabinenroller connects pilots with driving, brings them the feeling of flying!

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